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Three-Layers Leggings (with Graphene)
Three-Layers Leggings (with Graphene)

Three-Layers Leggings (with Graphene)

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Three-Layers Leggings (with Graphene)

Urban-inspired, versatile leggings. Designed with Graphene Technology for ultimate warmth and day-to-night comfort.

LIMAX Figure-Shaping


Far Infrared Heating


Stirrup Design

LIMAX Figure-Shaping

Super-flattering leggings with a double-layer non-elastic waist. Designed to streamline the shape of the legs, butt, and abdomen without feeling tight. Shadow lines and memory fiber provide a slimming and lifting effect that creates a leaner-looking lower body.

Outer Layer - Graphene

A revolutionary fabric with unique thermal qualities, Graphene preserves body heat and distributes it evenly during physical activities in colder weather. Graphene is the strongest, lightest, thinnest, and most flexible material used for leggings with breathable, sweat-wicking properties that won’t let you overheat.

Middle Layer - Woolen

New wool weaving technology makes our leggings more durable and flexible while still keeping you warm. The fabric is engineered to prevent pilling and has brushed feel that's soft to the touch.

  • Machine Washable
  • Do No Machine Dry
  • Long-Lasting

Inner Layer - Memory Fiber

Comfortable. Thin. Breathable. Made with a four-way stretch that allows for a full range of motion. Memory fiber fabric retains a person's shape and adjusts accordingly to their body without distorting.

  • Weight: 200GSM
  • Super Elastic
  • No Formaldehyde or Silicone Oil

Far Infrared Heating

Engineered with far infrared heating around the waist to help relieve muscle tension, increase blood flow, and improve flexibility.

Stirrup Design

Designed to taper at the ankle, the leggings have an elastic band that can be wrapped under the arch of the foot or folded up for a cropped look.

Perfect for Everyday

From the gym to the streets to the couch, these versatile leggings go perfectly with anything. Wear them as formal wear for a classy night out or pair them with a t-shirt for a comfortable, casual outfit.